About Hawk Lace

Hello, and welcome to my domain ~ I bring Hawk Lace to you as an extension of my spirit to share my gifts ~ Messages from spirit, healing sessions, and intuitively designed Jewelry to promote beauty, intuition, healing and wellness. The jewelry I make is made from crystals and gemstones from around the world. 

My name is Sade Makerra Auger "Pretty Voice Hawk Lace Woman" I am Cree First Nations from Northern Alberta Treaty 8. I come from a long line of medicine people and healers. "Pretty Voice Hawk Lace Woman" is my spiritual Indian Name which my Kookum Rose gifted me in ceremony when I was baby.

My late Kookum (grandmother) Rose Auger "Woman Who Stands Strong" was a renowned medicine woman and healer. She was considered a doctor in our ways, known for her ceremonies, and traditional ways of knowing and being. I never seen her wear shoes, only moccasins or rubber boots / shoes over her moccasins to keep them clean in bad weather. She only wore dresses she made, and she lived in ceremony every single day, in every single way... mindfully, intentionally and powerfully. She was always covered in turquoise, crystals, and nature's elements. She always wore fancy hats, shawls and broaches. Broaches that were different animals, plants, or insects. She was invited all over the world to speak, and share our ways. She fought for our rights, she was a rebel, involved in politics and was a teacher to so many. If you only knew the stories. She was and is a literal legend.

I watched her make crafts, jewelry, dream catchers, clothes, regalia, moccasins, medicine, stew, bannock... endlessly making, creating, praying, and living our ways. I was most fascinated by her making jewelry, I always watched and suggested on more than one occasion "Kookum! You should open a bead store." I was just 19 when she passed away. Just by being, she showed me how to honour the land, the sky, the water and every being equally ~ she would say you are as amazing as the mountains, and no better than a blade of grass. She taught me everything has a spirit. She taught me about natural law.

I started making Jewelry at 22 years old, the same year I became a certified Reiki Master. Jewelry came so natural to me, and I feel my Kookum sitting with me, helping me and designing through me. The same day I started making Jewelry, people wanted to buy from me. Since then I have travelled to many markets and have been a featured as an artist at many Indigenous and non-indigenous events. I love meeting new people, and sharing my knowledge of the mineral and crystal kingdom. Everything I make is limited edition, and/or one of a kind. Collections are only made when I am in the creative flow. 

I have been reading tarot cards since I was 15. Encouraged by my auntie and late Kookum. I grew up watching card readings. It never ceases to amaze me how the messages come through and how people have responded to my readings over the years. I am almost nearing 35 years old, have a I really been doing this for almost 20 years? 

It is probably no accident you are here, and that you have read this far. To share my gifts with you it is with my purist intention to help you on your journey. Book a session, browse my collections or get in touch if you have questions or a custom request. Thank you for visiting my domain.

All my relations,

Sade Makerra Auger "Pretty Voice Hawk Lace Woman"