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Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art that was discovered in the late 1800s by Dr. Usui-Sensei or Mikao / Gyohan. Through an unexpected enlightenment experience while fasting on top of Mt. Kurama in Japan, Dr. Usui-Sensei was awakened to what he would probably describe as access to an endless tap of life force energy. Usui-Sensei would become a renowned healer with people travelling all over the world to see him for healing. Usui-Sensei was able to develop techniques to pass down the gift of reiki, and over time it travelled to hawaii in the late 1930s and soon become recognized, validated and popularized all over the world. 

Reiki (Pronounced Ray-Key) Means "Rei" - meaning Universal and Ki also known as Chi meaning "life force energy "or "breath of Life" - Universal Life Force Energy.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki taps you into the infinite light consciousness to refill your vessel with the ever healing life force energy. Reiki is known to help fatigue, reduce pain, stress & anxiety, treat depression, boost mood, enhance quality of life, increase energy and vitality. It has even been recognized and encouraged in hospitals as an alternative pain relief therapy and has been scientifically proven to increase the speed of healing. Reiki has over all mental, emotional, spiritual and physically healing effects by activating the bodies self healing abilities. 

Reiki works to align your chakras, cleans your aura, remove energy blocks or ties. Reiki helps you achieve balance and works to heal you on all levels. Enhance your natural energy, gain mental clarity, heal unsaid emotional trauma. Reiki flows to where ever it needs to go, the practitioner is simply the energy conductor and may not even be fully aware where the reiki is doing its work. 

Reiki sessions can be done in person or long distance. To connect with the recepiant for a long distance session, it is ideal to at minimum see a picture of them. Or else know vital information about them to establish an energetic connection. Such as name, birthday, town or city they live in. 

It is advised to drink lots of water before and after the session, as water is an excellent energy conductor and its important to be hydrated. You may feel tired during or after the session, you are directed to follow your bodies natural rhythm. Many have reported having more energy post session. Some have reported emotional releases. You are encouraged to create space for your self to process what ever may come up for you. You may choose to journal about your experience or to help the release of whatever is coming to the surface. 

Having regular sessions weekly or bi-weekly are known to have a profound impact on recipients resulting in a sense of over all wellbeing and increased life satisfaction. 

Treat your self to a Spiritual Reiki Energy Healing session from the comfort of your own home. Experience this profound energy healing technique that has gained notoriety in mainstream wellness centres, and hospitals around the world. 


Sade was initiated as a Reiki Master in 2009 and has conducted 100's of sessions over the years. Long distance sessions are done through an energetic technique and are just as profound and powerful as an in person session. In person sessions can be offered to those local to the Vancouver, BC area. Sade also utilizes crystals and other intuitive healing techniques from her Indigenous culture. Treat your self or someone you love to the gift of relaxation, healing and wellness through Reiki.

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